Monday, February 1, 2016

Dear Vice President Biden:

Vice President Biden is launching his Moonshot Cancer project and asking for people to write to tell their story. Here is mine.

I was a dental hygienist for 27 years, and it was my responsibility to go over their medical histories and then counsel patients on dental issues. As I got to know my patients, I started to see a correlation between their medical histories and their issues.

Their bodies reflected what was going on in their lives. Women with breast cancer all had family issues related to nurturing, like second marriages with rebellious step children.

I had three dear friends pass away from pancreatic cancer within two years, and was struck to realize they all had the same issues in their lives. They all faced issues related to compassion and to capacity, and when they died, they were dealing with something that was preventing them from letting their life, like money troubles.

When I noticed the correlation, I sent a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, asking for anyone with experience with pancreatic cancer to contact me. I had eleven responses, and they all confirmed the theory.

I am starting a pancreatic cancer project. With no credibility with the medical community, I am asking for life stories to help me confirm the theory, and then will turn them over to the doctors to spread the word.

Cancer is an issue that is out of control. Heal the issue and heal the cancer.

Karen Holmes