Funding for the Project

The unity play....

We contacted a retired movie producer, Elmo Williams, who lived in our town, and offered to make a win-win agreement with him. His wife, Lorraine, had passed away from pancreatic cancer, and he had build a beautiful memorial to her in Brookings, Oregon. The Capella by the Sea is based on structures that are common in his favorite part of the world, Bavaria.

Elmo was famous in town here, hosting showings of his movies. He was known in Hollywood for movies, such as "High Noon," "Caravans," and "Tora, Tora, Tora." He was involved with local organizations, too, and many people knew him and his wife personally.

Our offer to make a win-win agreement with him was based on him reading our Unity Play script, which is a channeled script by Frederico Fellini. It is a rags to riches story about a family that is in crisis, and it explains how the family rises out of it. We didn't expect him to make a donation, but just publicizing the play in town would have enabled us to bring together the support of the town when it came time to sell the DVDs. Income from the sales of the DVDs will go to support the creation of our pancreatic cancer project--a clinic that we are planning to build some time in the future.