Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear Vice President Biden: Here is your "moonshot"

Concerning your "moonshot" to find a cure for cancer, "cancer is an issue out of control, heal the issue and heal the cancer."

I was a dental hygienist for 27 years and it was my responsibility to take medical histories and then counsel my patients on their dental issues. I started to see a correlation between what was going on in their life with their medical problems.

Women who had breast cancer always had some sort of issue related to nurturing. I had three dear friends pass away from pancreatic cancer within 2 years, and all three had the same crises in their life--issue related to compassion, and issue related to capacity, and something came into their life that made them think they couldn't get their life, so they died.

I wrote a letter to the editor of the paper asking for anyone who had any experience with pancreatic cancer, and had eleven responses. All confirmed the theory.

I have started a program to ask for case histories, and once enough people respond, will turn the case histories over to doctors to confirm the theory. The program is on our website, but I have not yet had any response.

Karen Holmes